Teacher's Guide

The teacher support material was developed to serve as a practical aid for teachers who want to use the PELLIC online course and its methodology in their countries. The material comprises the following documents:

  • The teacher support material summary, available for download and print in English, German, Spanish, Czech and Finnish on the PELLIC website www.pellic.eu and the PELLIC VLE www.pellic.com. The summary aims at enhancing the dissemination and exploitation of results.
  • The online guidebook “PELLIC VLE for Teachers” serves as a guide to using the activities and tools on the PELLIC VLE for adapting and expanding PELLIC courses or similar task based, blended learning scenarios. The online guidebook is available on the PELLIC VLE and is also linked to the teacher support material summary.
  • The Teacher’s Guide which is available in electronic and printable form from the project website and serves as a practical aid for teachers who want to use the PELLIC online course.


Teacher's Guide_print final.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document [1.6 MB] Download

Customized VLE

The PELLIC project aims to provide a virtual learning space where students can practice business communication skills in English within a Practice Enterprise environment.
This will be made available as an easily-accessible open source virtual learning environment ... read more

PELLIC is a project of the European Union

coordinated by Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland) in cooperation with: Florida Centre de Formació, C.V. (Spain), University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, (Czech Republic), King's College London (GB), University of Tübingen (Germany) and the ICC International Language Network (Germany).

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